Camp Schedule

Our 32th Summer Season Pacific Rim International Camp 2016(PRIC 2016)

  • PRIC2016 ended successfully.

    August 2(Tue) – August 8(Mon)
    Orientation, Sightseeing, Home-stay Program
    Places: Tokyo and its suburb, Nishikatsura Town, Yamanashi Prefecture

    August 8(Mon) – August 15(Mon) ( 8days )
      -Opening Ceremony, Orientation, Welcome Camp Fire
      -Morning and Evening Assemblies
      -Team Flag Making, Game and indoor exercise
      -Seminar and discussion on the Enviromental issue etc.
      -Japanese Culture Day ;
           Tea Ceremony, rice-cake making, Aizome Dying etc
      -Cultural Exchange / Presentation
      -Hiking & Canoeing
      -Campers Theater, Campers’(closing) Fire
      -three times Outdoorcooking

    August15(Mon)−August 17(Wed)
    Sightseeing, Farewell Party
    Campers from abroad should leave NaritaAirport on August 17
    * Schedule may change without prior notice.